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In 2020, an estimated 55,190 Georgians will be diagnosed with cancer. 



About the Gena B. Agnew Kindness Fund

Cancer patients are 2.5 times as likely to declare bankruptcy, and those that do,

are 80% more likely to die from their cancer.

The financial burden of cancer can be overwhelming for patients.

Financial toxicity describes the impact of direct and indirect health care costs that lead to significant financial burden for patients and their caregivers, resulting in increased stress, poor patient outcomes, and a poorer quality of life. A patient’s experience with health care costs is a dynamic one that lasts throughout the continuum of care, typically with increased direct health care costs during their initial diagnosis and treatment, and greater indirect costs, such as loss of productivity or impaired quality of life, affecting patients even during survivorship.

The Kindness Fund was established in 2017 to meet the growing needs of cancer patients in our region to help cover life’s basic costs. Expenses in keeping the lights on, the heat or air conditioning running, transportation to treatment, and food in their refrigerator for their families are not costs typically covered by other grant programs, however, this represents one of the greatest needs of patients. Gena B. Agnew, a social worker and founder of the Northwest Georgia Cancer Coalition, spent her professional life fighting to help cancer patients live a better quality of life during their battle with cancer.  In 2019, a generous donation to the fund by a partner organization, reestablished the fund as the Gena B. Agnew Kindness Fund in her honor upon retirement.  Gena continues to volunteer with the cancer coalition helping patients seek assistance and care.

The Gena B. Agnew Kindness Fund provides an opportunity for the Northwest Georgia community to work together to provide a safety net for cancer patients and their families, providing an increased quality of life during their cancer journey.  All donations go directly to the fund and are distributed equally among the hospital communities throughout the regions.

If you are a coalition partner or know of someone experiencing financial hardship during their cancer journey, please call 706-291-9809 for eligibility and referral information.


Rome Floyd Cancer Initiative Community

AdventHealth Gordon Community

Hamilton Medical Center

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