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Tobacco Prevention and Cessation

The coalition's Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program provides tobacco/e-cigarette prevention and education programs, cessation classes, and support to local schools systems and community organizations implementing tobacco-free policies to reduce tobacco use and deaths related to its use.  

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Cessation Aid Assistance │ Policy Support  

Program Goals

1. Prevent initiation among youth and young adults by providing TAR WARS youth tobacco programming for 4th and 5th graders across the region, providing vaping education programs and resources for Middle and High School students, providing resources and support for school systems and youth organizations implementing smoke-free policies. 

2. Promote quitting by adults and youth by providing cessation programs through industries and community organizations, promoting the use of the Georgia Tobacco Quit Line, and providing schools and youth with materials and resources designed especially for teen to quit.

3. Eliminate exposure to second hand smoke by providing tools and resources to support schools and organizations implementing smoke free policies, encouraging 100% Tobacco Free Schools, and by working with civic groups to encourage smoke free environments and city ordinances.  

4. Identify and eliminate tobacco-related disparities among population groups in Northwest Georgia by connecting citizens to available financial programs for cessation aids, partnering with organizations that serve at risk populations for special education and programming, and providing lung cancer screening assistance for eligible patients.

The program is able to provide tobacco education and tobacco cessation classes to schools, school systems (100% Tobacco Free Schools), workplaces, governments, parks & recreation departments, colleges, and other organizations to help increase knowledge throughout the community about the dangers of tobacco use. 


For more information about our programs or services, please contact Berenice Vasquez at

706-266-8330 or

For more tobacco and vaping facts, click here to go to our landing page.

Virtual Cessation Classes 

To serve you better, we are starting to offer our Smoking Cessation FreshStart Course virtually! This four-session course will help participants make a successful quit attempt by addressing the behaviors, thoughts, and feelings of a smoker as well as assisting in developing a quit plan.  


Freshstart is designed around methods and techniques recommended by the American Cancer Society and the US Preventive Services Task Force, which have been proven to be successful for people trying to quit smoking. Participants will learn coping skills to help combat the physiological and physical side effects of quitting.  

After successfully completing the FreshStart Course, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from the American Cancer Society.   


**Participants will receive a Participant Booklet and a pharmacotherapy handout- outlining the seven FDA approved medications for tobacco cessation, prior to session one! 


Participants can register here.

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